Jasmine Zelaya is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and received her BFA in Painting in 2006. She was awarded a residency through the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2008. Based in Houston, her work has been exhibited throughout the US, including in association with the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts and Deitch Projects. She was the cover artist for New American Paintings, West Issue #132. In 2018 her painting “Twins” was displayed on the Main Street Marquee, a billboard- sized installation displayed on the exterior of the Main Street Market building in Downtown Houston. Most recently, her work was selected for inclusion in ArtMaze Magazine, Winter Issue 11.


Artist Statement

My daily studio practice is a combination of painting with watercolor, gouache and ink, and drawing with graphite on paper. I enjoy the juxtaposition of controlled mark making against the organic swell and undulations of watercolor as it takes form.


My artwork is inspired by the evolution of women in history, textiles, fashion and music. The subjects in my work are caught somewhere between rapture and unrest. The paintings are both celebrations of past and present, as well as explorations of racial, social and gender divides. The works take on a lucidity as bold patterns and textures are at play, resulting in a marriage of color study and portraiture.

My recent body of work explores themes of beauty, power and imagined mysticism. I am interested in women who challenge traditional gender roles and standards of beauty. I am inspired by women who do not conform.  

Art Blocks artist, Jasmine Zelaya reflects on her interest in fashion and music of the 60s and 70s, her fascination with religious iconography and her preoccupation with concerns of modern society, in her piece titled, "Twins," which is on display in Downtown Houston's Main Street Square.